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What to Do in Prague in April. A Digital Nomad Guide

April in Prague is full of charm and beauty. The weather improves as spring comes around, bringing new life to the city. Read on to find out why Prague is the perfect destination for work and leisure in April.

Why You Should Visit Prague as a Digital Nomad in April

April, a month of new beginnings and life, has many new sights and sounds to offer. The landmarks are cast in a new beauty as the new season unfolds. Experience one-of-a-kind celebrations at the Easter markets or during Witches Night. Bask in the beauty of the season by seeing the stunning cherry blossom trees, butterfly gardens, or one of the elegant gardens. Prague has something to offer for all digital nomads looking to unwind.

Weather in Prague in April

The weather in April is usually quite comfortable with some fluctuations. Afternoon temperatures are mild, but the morning and nights can be a little chilly. High temperatures for the month are around 15°C (59°F) and lows are 5°C (41°F). April showers bring May flowers, so expect moderate rain on at least six days. Pack waterproof shoes and some layers just in case snow falls early in the month. The sun rises early and sets around dinnertime.

Average highest/lowest temperature: 15°C (59°F) / 5°C (41°F)

Average rainfall days: around 6 days of moderate rainfall.

Snow: There is a small chance of light snow early in the month, but otherwise none.

Sunrise time: 06:39am (April 1st) – 05:41am (April 30th)

Sunset time: 07:33pm (April 1st) – 08:19pm (April 30th)

Daylight hours: 12:53 (April 1st) – 14:38 (April 30th)

Best Things to Do in Prague in April

Prague has plenty of celebrations and beautiful scenery to make your month memorable!

Attend an Easter Market

Prague is well known for its Christmas markets, but the Easter festivities are a close second. The two largest markets are held in Old Town Square and Saint Wenceslas Square. Entry is free, so you can go just for the views or try food from a stand. Popular items include roasted ham, barbecued sausage, smoked dumplings, spicy gingerbread and sweet trdelník. Souvenirs like jewelry, ceramics and hand-painted Easter eggs are also available. Theatre performances and exhibitions are also likely to pop up around the city for the holiday. Celebrate the holiday and indulge in local culture at one of these markets!

Easter Markets Old Town Square Prague
Christmas Markets in Prague’s Old Town Square

Celebrate Witches Night

The Czechs have a unique celebration each year on April 30. The night is named after Saint Walpurgis, an abbess who fought against witchcraft. Around the city, people build fires to burn a “witch” over, marking the end of winter. Large fires and celebrations will be held around the city, but you can also partake at home or with friends. The tradition has become a social event, with people spending the night drinking beer, listening to music, and roasting sausages over the bonfires.

Visit the Butterfly Exhibition

The Prague Botanical Garden has a beautiful exhibit of butterflies each April. Visitors will enter the greenhouse to be transported into a spectacle of butterflies and blooming plants. There are also ways to learn about the lifecycle and ecosystems of the butterflies. Have some fun by trying to capture pictures of the moving butterflies!

Admire the Cherry Blossoms

The stunning cherry blossom trees start to bloom in April, adding anything layer of lovely color around the city. One of the best spots to enjoy the trees is Petřín hill. The hill is covered in hundreds of pink and white trees. Bask in the beauty and also enjoy the panoramic views of the city. The Vojan Gardens are a beautifully preserved area in Mala Straná. Along with cherry blossom trees, there are other fruits trees and peacocks roaming the area. Lastly, Jiřího z Poděbrad Square and Náměstí Míru will also have trees around. These trees aren’t common everywhere, so take in the charm while you can.

Cherry blossoms Prague

Stroll around the Wallenstein Garden

Wallenstein Garden opens back up to the public in April. The palace and gardens were build in the early baroque period, and are now home to the Senate. Peacocks roam the garden, and there will likely be cherry blossoms blooming here too. Take a book and enjoy the serene atmosphere for a perfect afternoon.

Wallenstein Garden Prague

Other Things to Do in Prague in April

Here are several more ways to immerse in Czech culture during your stay:

  • The St. Matthews Fair begins in late February and runs through April. This large fair takes place in the exhibition grounds in  Holešovice. Many attractions are set up, like a Ferris wheel and amusement rides. If you don’t enjoy rides, indulge in some fair food, like cotton candy or sausage, or just walk around to see the excitement!
  • Indulge in a traditional Czech meal for some comfort after work. Garlic soup, česnečka, and creamy dill soup, kulajda, are popular starters. One of the main Czech dishes is svíčková, a beef slice served in vegetable cream sauce with dumplings on the side. Czech have their own version of schnitzel called rízek, served with a side of potato salad. These meals are heavy, so plan to relax for a while after eating.
  • For a relaxing afternoon activity, try your hand at enamel painting. Enamel souvenirs are available all over Prague, but through a workshop you can create your own to see the whole process. In the end, you will have a handmade, useful souvenir to take home.
  • Mala Straná, also known as Lesser Town, is the quintessential Prague neighborhood. Situated beneath Prague Castle, the beautiful red-roofed buildings and cobbled streets are home to many shops and restaurants. The most popular sites in the area include St. Nicholas Church, Kampa Island and the John Lennon Wall.
  • On rainy days, exploring a museum is always an excellent activity. Prague has numerous museums, with the most popular being the National Museum and the Franz Kafka Museum. Tours of beautiful places like the Strahov Library or St. Nicholas Church can also be inspiring!


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