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What to Do in Prague in December. A Digital Nomad Guide

In December, Prague transforms from a autumn paradise into a winter wonderland. Each week there are new markets and festivals to experience. Digital nomads will always find something to do on their days off. Keep reading to learn why Prague is the perfect city for work and play in December.

Why You Should Visit Prague as a Digital Nomad in December

December in Prague is an incredible time of year to experience new traditions. The snow and lights add an additional layer of beauty to the city. Several seasonal experiences are open, like the iconic Christmas marketing and the lights in Lumina Park. For those who enjoy outdoor adventures, try skiing in Klínovec or ice skating by the Vltava River. For those looking for a break from the cold, check out a holiday concert or take a cooking class to learn about traditional Czech cuisine.

Weather in Prague in December

With December in Prague comes a decrease in temperature and an increase in snow. The average temperature ranges from 4° (39.2°F) to 0°C (30°F), so bundle up when you go out to enjoy the city. Precipitation is normally light, with a few days of rain and some days with moderate snowfall. Bring a good pair of boots to be ready for whatever the day holds. The sun sets early in December, so be sure to wake up early or check out some activities available at night later in the blog!

Average highest/lowest temperature: 4°C (39°F) / 0°C (30°F)

Average rainfall days: 5-6 days

Snow: moderate snow is likely on a few days in the month of December.

Sunrise time: 07:38am (December 1st) – 08:01am (December 31st)

Sunset time: 04:03pm (December 1st) – 04:09pm (December 31st)

Daylight hours: 08:24 (December 1st) – 08:07 (December 31st)

Best Things to Do in Prague in December

December can be cold, but it is the most festive month to visit Prague. There are several ways to celebrate the holidays and spend time outdoors.

Enjoy the Beauty of Christmas Markets

Christmas markets in Prague open at the beginning of December and stay open through the new year. The largest market in Prague is in the Old Town Square. The market includes live shows, like concerts and dance performances, as well as stalls with traditional Czech dishes, handmade gifts and warm drinks. Another large market is held in Wenceslas Square. Other markets are held throughout the city in Náměstí Míru (Peace Square), Náměstí Republiky and Prague Castle. Entry is free, and the markets are open from 10am to midnight, so they can be enjoyed by anyone throughout the day!

Christmas Market Namesti Miru Prague

Marvel at the Lanterns on Charles Bridge

During Advent, a lamplighter lights each gas lamp along the Charles Bridge with a long pole. The lighting takes over an hour, as the lighter stops along the route to talk with tourists and locals about the lamp. The event happens every day at around 4pm, typically from late November/early December through December 23rd. You can check this year’s dates here.

Prague is one of the few cities carrying on this tradition, so don’t miss the opportunity to see the beautiful lights in person.

Lamplighter Charles Bridge Prague

Hit the Slopes

Spend some time outdoors by skiing, a popular winter activity among Czechs. There are many great places in the Czech Republic for beginners and experts to enjoy for the day or a weekend. Klínovec is a few hour north west of Prague and reachable by bus, car or train. Ski rentals are available on site. Ski and snowboard lessons are also available for those who want to learn from the experts. Other popular ski resorts are in Špindlerův Mlýn or Černá Hora.

Skiing in the Czech Republic

Wonder at the Lights in Lumina Park

Lumina Park is an 1.5km outdoor walk experience filled with lights and sounds. This is the second year that the attraction is available in Prague. Enjoy the beautiful outdoor setting with several photo opportunities along the way.

Attend a Christmas Concert or Performance

A wide variety of holiday concerts are performed in Prague in December. Listen to orchestras play classical music in the Mirror Chapel of the Klementinum at the Classical Spectacular. If you want to hear more Christmas music, consider the Children’s Opera Czech Christmas Mass or the Festive Christmas Gala Concert. Other holiday concerts can be found at the Boccaccio Ballroom, Prague Castle, St. George’s Basilica and Cafe Mozart. Book tickets in advance, as many popular concerts will sell out early. Be sure to avoid seats with restricted views, however, as you will want to have a clear view to fully enjoy the performances.

Other Things to Do in Prague in December

There are several around things to do in Prague in December to soak up the winter wonderland:

  • Mikuláš, also known as St. Nicholas Day, is celebrated on December 5 and marks the start of Christmas. Characters of St. Nicholas, an angel and a devil walk around Old Town Square to see if children were good during the year. Listen as children sing songs or recite poems to St. Nicholas.
  • While Czech cuisine is available to buy all around the city, get the full experience by booking a cooking class. Learn how dishes are made and try your hand at cooking a few. Several options can be found online.
  • Taking a walk around town is always a good way to see the city. Stop at local bakeries to try gingerbread or warm up with a cup of coffee!
  • Ice skating is a must-do activity in Prague! The best place to skate is by the Vltava River, where you can also enjoy picturesque views of the city’s bridges and landmarks.
  • Prague has several museums and libraries to explore on colder days. The Strahov library is part of the Premonstratensian monastery. On the monastery grounds, there is also Muzeum Miniatur, one of the largest collection of microminiature art in Europe. Check out the Mucha Museum to admire the work of Alphonse Mucha or the Franz Kafka Museum to learn about the Czech writer.


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