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What to Do in Prague in July. A Digital Nomad Guide

July represents the heart of summer, as the city bursts with color and activity. After spending the day hard at work, there are plenty of ways to unwind. Read on to learn why Prague is the perfect place for your summer office.

Why You Should Visit Prague as a Digital Nomad in July

July in Prague will be hot and humid, but that shouldn’t stop you from exploring the city. Long days and warm weather make it the perfect time to experience Czech life! Spend the summer days outside by playing volleyball along the river or taking a scenic bike ride. Relax in the heat by watching an outdoor movie, having a picnic at one of the parks or drinking beer at one of the many gardens.

Weather in Prague in July

July in Prague can be sweltering. The average high is around 23°C (73°F), but nights are a little cooler with a low around 13°C (55°F). You can pack light for this month, as layers will not be needed. Rain is more common this month, so a light jacket or umbrella are good to have. The sun rises early and sets late, leaving plenty of time after work to enjoy the city. Drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen to enjoy all this historical city has to offer!

Average highest/lowest temperature: 23°C (73°F) / 13°C (55°F)

Average rainfall days: 8 days of moderate to light rain are likely.

Snow: none.

Sunrise time: 04:56am (July 1st) – 05:29am (July 31st)

Sunset time: 09:15pm (July 1st) – 08:47pm (July 31st)

Daylight hours: 16:18 (July 1st) – 15:17 (July 31st)

Best Things to Do in Prague in July

Summers in Prague are all about about staying cool and having fun. There are several activities that allow you to do both!

Play Volleyball by the River

Get together with some friends to play volleyball along the river for some fun in the sun. Volleyball court rentals are available at Kayak Beach Bar, along with a floating bar and paddleboarding. Farther south down the river is Žluté Lázně, a large area along the river with a grass beach, volleyball court and beach bar. After a game of volleyball with friends, go for a swim or relax in the grass. This activity is sure to provide summertime memories!

Unwind with an Outdoor Movie

Prague has several outdoor cinemas where you can relax after a long day of work. In the summer, Sunset Cinema shows a variety of movies on its rooftop at the Arkady shopping center. Comfortable seating, stunning views and tasty food make this the perfect afternoon or evening activity. They also offer the most films in English. Venues like Cross Club and Cinema Gabriel offer movies in English sometimes, but it’s best to check their websites for upcoming movies first. Free movies are shown at Paramount MAX cinema on Thursday evenings. Watch a blockbuster or try a Czech film for new experiences during your stay!

Picnic at a Park

The Czech capital is filled with amazing parks and food. Combine both of these by grabbing some takeout and heading to a local park for a picnic. Stromovka is a outdoor oasis with several picnic areas, trails and ponds to enjoy. Park Parukářka is another great option for beautiful views of Prague. Střelecký Island is located conveniently in Prague 1 and offers a unique place to picnic right on the Vltava River. Divoká Šárka is a huge nature preserve with a lake where you can have a relaxing picnic. Appreciate the beautiful weather and scenery in any one of these parks for a perfect summer afternoon!

Picnic Riegrovy Sady Prague

Drink Beer in a Beer Garden

Because Czechs drink more beer than anyone else, there are several great beer gardens to participate in the culture. Letná beer garden is popular due to its location, which gives it amazing views of the river and city. The Riegrovy Sady beer garden offers several beer options along with food trucks and occasionally live music and sports watching. Before or after some beers, head over to the park area of Riegrovy Sady for one of the best views of the sunset in Prague.

Beer garden Prague

Bike Along the River

Biking is an easy way to get around Prague while getting some exercise and enjoying the weather. Renting a bike for cheap is possible with Nextbike and Rekola. To have a relaxing ride along the river, pick up a bike in Stromovka and head north. You can find several bike routes online or let your instincts guide you!

Other Things to Do in Prague in July

Here are other activities to beat the heat during your stay:

  • Swimming in a pool can help you spend time outdoors while staying cool. Popular choices include the Hostivař Reservoir, the Motol pool and Džbán lake. If you prefer an indoor option, Podolí Swimming Stadium is close to the center of Prague. Don’t be afraid to join people swimming in any of the lakes around the city!
  • If the sun is too hot one day, spend time indoors at a museum or gallery. The National Technical Museum has exhibits focusing on transportation, mining and architecture. Art lovers will enjoy the Kampa Museum and the National Gallery.
  • An evening at Manifesto Market is the perfect way to de-stress after a long week. This urban market has a variety of cuisines available form Asia, Europe and Latin America. The kitchens and bar are open at night, creating the perfect atmosphere to spend time under the lights.
  • Strawberry picking season begins in June and often runs through late July. Self-picked berries will usually taste better and be cheaper than store-bought varieties. Many of the farms are located in the Kunratice district of Prague, like Kunratická Jahodárna. Eat the strawberries immediately or freeze them to have amazing fruit to enjoy through the fall and winter.
  • There are always a variety of musical performances to see in Prague. The Czech Philharmonic and National Symphony Orchestra offer concerts year round, and several other special performances come up. Tickets for upcoming performances can be found at the Prague Ticket Office.


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