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What to Do in Prague in October. A Digital Nomad Guide

The last reminders of summer slowly fade away as fall comes in full swing in October. Prague’s beautiful scenery provides the perfect backdrop for work and relaxation. Read on to learn why Prague should become your temporary residence for the month of October.

Why You Should Visit Prague as a Digital Nomad in October

October is often considered one of the best month to visit Prague. The weather is mild and the fall colors come alive in all their glory. It is the perfect time to enjoy some seasonal indoor and outdoor activities. Several festivals take place, so digital nomads can fully immerse in the culture and indulge in some specialties. Although it may be busy with tourists, you will quickly understand why Prague is a hot spot to visit in the fall!

Weather in Prague in October

Temperatures in Prague start to decrease in October as the fall season is underway. The average high temperatures hovers around 14°C (57°F) and the average low around 6°C (42°F). Mornings may be a bit chilly, but October is one of the most popular times to visit Prague. There are likely to be a few days of moderate rainfall, however, snow is not typical. Daylight hours decrease throughout the month, so get out to enjoy the colors early as much as you can.

Average highest/lowest temperature: 14°C (57°F) / 6°C (42°F)

Average rainfall days: 5 days, with the possibility of light rain a few other days.

Snow: usually snow doesn’t fall in October, but there have been days of slight snow before.

Sunrise time: 07:01am (October 1st) – 06:49am (October 31st)

Sunset time: 06:41pm (October 1st) – 04:41pm (October 31st)

Daylight hours: 11:39 (October 1st) – 09:51 (October 31st)

Best Things to Do in Prague in October

Autumn in the Czech capital is full of surprises. Several festivals and seasonal markets pop up in the city, creating new experiences each week.

Celebrate Fall at the Botanical Garden

Going to a pumpkin patch is a favorite fall activity, and you don’t have to leave the city to do so! Each October, there is a pumpkin exhibit at the Botanical Garden in Prague. But the pumpkins are not the only reason why October is a wonderful time to visit the Botanical Garden. During this time of the year, the garden is adorned with vibrant hues of red, orange, and yellow as the leaves of various trees and plants change color before falling. Pictures speak by themselves! Take a walk around the exhibit to enjoy some autumn vibes.

Pumpkin exhibition Botanical Garden Prague
Botanical Garden Prague

Be Amazed at the Signal Festival

The Signal Festival happens around mid-October each year. The festival was started to support young artists, and it has now grown into the largest cultural event in Prague. Light installations are created in public spaces and on famous landmarks, covering the city in digital art. Each year includes a theme, bringing together current social issues with emerging technologies. Additional events are put on for designers and professionals to meet. Millions of visitors have come to see this one-of-a-kind festival, so you won’t want to miss it.

Indulge at a Food Festival

October welcomes many food festivals to Prague. One of the most popular is Polivkování, a soup festival. Traditional Czech soups will be available to warm you up, along with some international favorites. For other food festivals, we recommend checking out There’s something to suit all tastes, from Asian to street food and much more.

Learn About Design at Designblok

Designblok is held each year at the beginning of October. Hundreds of designers, studios and brands display their newest products in buildings all around Prague. Experienced designers or those looking to learn about design can enjoy the exhibits. There are also lectures and discussions, providing space for creatives to network. Festival passes can be purchased to enjoy the full festival over a few days across all the venues.

Celebrate Czechoslovak Independence Day

On Oct. 28, 1918, the first independent Czechoslovak nation was founded. The day is now one of the most significant national holidays in Czechia. Around the country, people lay candles on flowers on monuments to honor the first president, T.G. Masaryk. For visitors who may want to learn more about the Czech Republic’s history, many museums and galleries will be open. In past years, museums have offered free admission on this day.

Other Things to Do in Prague in October

There are plenty of other events to do anytime during the month:

  • Visit a local brewery to try some seasonal craft beer. Beer is the favorite drink of Czechs, and there are small breweries all around the city to visit. Some favorites include Vinohradský Pivovar, the Strahov Monastery Brewery and U Tří růží.
  • Farmers’ markets are booming in the fall with seasonal produce, homemade pastries and warm food. Every Saturday the Náplavka Farmers’ Market opens along the Vltava River. Other markets are available through the city at the Jiřák, the Kulaťák roundabout, the Tylák and many more areas. By going for a walk around Prague in October, you are sure to find a farmers’ market along the way.
  • Enjoy the fall colors with a walk around Petřín Hill. The gardens are a beautiful place in the fall, and you can head up the tower for amazing views of the city.
  • Experience the sporting scene at an ice hockey game at O2 Arena. Hockey is one of the most popular sports, evident by the large arena and many dressed-up fans. Visit Sparta Praha’s website for game schedules and tickets.
  • Book a spooky-themed tour to celebrate Halloween in Prague. Several evening ghost tours can be found online, along with medieval underground tours.


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