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What to Do in Prague in September. A Digital Nomad Guide

September in Prague is the best of both worlds. It has the pleasant weather of summer and the more seasonal activities of fall available, which is perfect for digital nomads looking for a well-rounded experience. Read on to discover why the Czech capital is the perfect place for your next home.

Why You Should Visit Prague as a Digital Nomad in September

Summers comes to an end in September, decreasing the amount of tourists and leaving more space open in the city. This means the month is a great time to enjoy some outdoor activities before the cold sets in, like mushroom foraging or paddle boating. Several festivals also take place. For those who want cultural experiences, don’t miss the wine harvest, art week and independent film festivals. After a busy day of work, unwind by taking a walk through the castle or park and enjoying some regional specialties.

Weather in Prague in September

September in Prague has more comfortable weather, as the heat and dryness of the summer months go down. The average high hovers around 20°C (68°F) and the average low around 11°C (52°F). There is moderate rainfall and some days with the possibility of a slight drizzle, so a coat and waterproof shoes are a must. Luckily, you won’t have to worry about snow yet. Daylights hours are long at the beginning of the month, providing plenty of time to explore the beautiful city!

Average highest/lowest temperature: 20°C (68°F) / 11°C (52°F)

Average rainfall days: 6 days, with possible drizzles a few other days

Snow: none

Sunrise time: 06:16am (September 1st) – 07:00am (September 30th)

Sunset time: 07:47pm (September 1st) – 06:43pm (September 30th)

Daylight hours: 13:30 (September 1st) – 11:43 (September 30th)

Best Things to Do in Prague in September

September offers plenty of cultural and outdoor activities to enjoy the remaining warm weather. Consider one or all of the activities below for an unforgettable September!

Taste Authentic Wine at a Festival

As the grape-picking season comes to end, wine season begins in Prague. Feel like a true local by attending one of the many wine festivals held to celebrate the season. The most famous festivals are the Vinohradské vinobraní in Jiřího z Poděbrad and the Vinobraní na Grébovce. The largest festivals also have food vendors and live music available. Trying burčák is also a must. Burčák is a young, partially-fermented wine only available during the fall in the Czech Republic. Adults from anywhere can enjoy these special festivals!

Burčák wine festival Prague September

Forage for Mushrooms

September is the last month of peak conditions for mushroom picking in the Czech Republic. Many Czechs enjoy picking mushrooms in the summer and autumn to use for cooking later. Last year, the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute even launched a new map to show where the best mushroom conditions are. After picking, you can use the mushrooms to make a traditional Czech dish like Kulajda (mushroom soup) or houbová smaženice (mushroom stir-fry). As always, be sure to read about what types of mushrooms are edible or go with an expert.

Celebrate St. Wenceslas Day

September 28 is Saint Wenceslas Day and Czech Statehood Day. The day is a public holiday, so many workers have the day off and large shops are closed. However, there are still other events happening to celebrate the day. The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic holds an open day, where the Nostitz Palace is open to visitors. Many pubs also participate in Days of Czech Beer. Although this event lasts several days, there may be additional specials on the holiday. Celebrations and markets are also likely to take place at Wenceslas Square, including a historical parade and burčák tasting.

St Wenceslas Day September 28 Prague

Explore Galleries at Prague Art Week

Prague’s museums, galleries, art studios and more come together to create an extensive program of contemporary art in late September. Exhibits can be found in dozens of places around the city. A full list of past exhibits can be found on the Prague Art Week website. The program also includes lectures and master classes for those in the art scene. The festival is focused on promoting Czech art internationally, so there are always new ideas being shown.

Prague Independent Film Festival

For movie lovers, the Prague Independent Film Festival is held each fall. Small filmmakers submit their projects to a committee and a number are chosen to be shown in historical cinemas around Prague. The festival hopes to encourage experimental cinematography, so you never know what unique film you may see!

Other Things to Do in Prague in September

There are several other sights and activities to enjoy during September:

  • Learn about the history of the city with a walk around the Prague Castle grounds. As the largest coherent castle complex in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site, you will not want to muss this site. It is free to walk around outside the castle and structures, however, cheap tickets can be purchased to enter the St. Vitus Cathedral and Golden Lane.
  • Visit Letná Park for amazing views of the city. The park is located north of Old Town and is a popular hangout for local and tourists. At the top of the hill is a huge beer garden, where you can try some Czech food and beer while enjoying one of the best views of the Vltava River.
  • September is often still warm enough to spend an afternoon paddle boating with friends. A variety of paddle boats and motor boats are available for rent on Slavonic Island. Spend a few hours or an entire day taking in the views of Charles Bridge and Prague Castle from the water.
  • Treat yourself by savoring one of the many regional specialties available in Prague. Popular savory meals include goulash and svíčková, braised beef with dumplings. If you want a sweet treat, try trdelník or Czech pancakes. These dishes are sure to provide some energy after long days of work or sightseeing.
  • Tours of the Jewish Quarter are available for those interested in the history and traditions of the Jewish people. An expert leads the tour around the streets and historic buildings in the quarter.


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