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Prague is one of the best cities in Europe to work remotely

Prague good city for digital nomads

Beautiful Landmarks 

The city has often been ranked among the most beautiful cities in the world. From the iconic Charles Bridge in the Old Town to the magnificent historical buildings in neighborhoods like Vinohrady, you sure will fall for Prague the minute you set foot in it!

Low Cost of Living

Prague is much cheaper than other European capitals. With very affordable public transportation, culture activities such as opera or theatre and – most importantly – incredibly cheap beer, you’ll save tons of money during your nomad retreat!

Prague good city for digital nomads
Prague good city for digital nomads


Prague is one of the safest cities to live in Europe. The crime rate is quite low and walking alone at night is not dangerous at all, even if you’re a woman. You’ll be able to explore the city at any time of the day completely worry-free!

Prague good city for digital nomads

Leisure Activities

No one gets bored in Prague! The capital offers a wide range of cultural activities and events to suit all tastes, along with tons of museums, parks and bars. If you’re the hiking type, there are many hiking trails close to Prague that are easily accessible by public transport.

No Language Barriers

Ok, this might not always be true. But we can guarantee  speaking English won’t be an issue in the vast majority of cases. And the Nomad Month team will teach you some of the Czech basics to survive in the country for a month. Pivo, prosím! (A beer, please!). 

Prague good city for digital nomads
Prague good city for digital nomads

Cheap Beer

Czech culture is all about beer! The country produces high-quality beer, which is also quite cheap. But if you’re more of a wine person, no sweat. You can have a glass of white wine from the Moravia region in any vinotéka in town. Na zdraví!


Move over Barcelona and Berlin – Prague is quickly becoming the go-to city for digital nomads. With its vibrant culture, affordable cost of living, and stunning architecture, Prague has everything you need to get your work done while enjoying your downtime.
Jordan Simons
Travel Continuously
Prague is a quaint little capital that will keep you continually amazed. Beyond its gorgeous gothic architecture, vivid red roofs, and bridge-adorned river, the city provides a ceaseless array of scenic parks, hidden beer gardens, and lively nightlife venues.
Kelsey Greene
Digital Nomad Girls
I have visited Prague on a number of occasions, and I absolutely love the city for its historical buildings and great atmosphere. Czechia is one of my favorite countries because it still feels a little undiscovered and by being based in Prague means you have great access to some of the more rural areas of the country.
Digital Nomad World
Prague truly is one of the best cities in the world for Digital Nomads. I should know as I've been coming here for 22 years and have lived here 4 times. Prague was recently voted second in a list of “Best Digital Nomad Destinations in the World” on Nomad List, only behind Budapest.
Michael McGuinness
Nomadic Mick